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I participated in the 2021 parliamentary elections vying to be elected to represent Ngariam County, Katakwi district in the Parliament of Uganda, under the Democratic Party ticket.

I love leadership and the fact that I am a practical critical thinker, I am able to recognize what’s affecting the common man.

During my campaign trail,I spoke about unity, agriculture, education, youth entrepreneurship, and representation of people’s views in Parliament. All in all, the concept of alleviating the common man out of poverty, better their standard of living is what i strive for in leadership.

I have always been a silent activist through the topics I have written such as: Gender-based violence, electoral malpractice, and bad governance, land wrangles and grabbing, and a lot more.

I believe it’s time for me to prove to the world who I am, get elected, and be the actual voice of the people.

We all have big dreams and I believe the oracle of my life oscillates in politics and leadership. I am not ready to sit back and relax, leave my dreams unfulfilled. I would rather chase for my dreams and fail in trying to chase for them than totally fail to start.

Come 2026 or any other year, I will contest for Member of Parliament. In any case, I do not participate in Parliamentary campaigns, I will still be on the ballot for another position greater than the latter.

Being ambitious has never broken anyone’s bone or made them run mad. What I know is truly ambitious people have boldly gone for what they believe in, some failed but kept rising until they made it.

The worst injustice is dreaming big and never taking a step to act on your dreams. You are like a daydreamer.