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The dog that won an election

“Its attractive”, “I want to read that play.” “Where can I get?”, The dog that won an election? Those are some of the questions paused by every lover of literature and drama, when they hear about this book.

The dog that won an election, seems funny.

Having lived in an African setting where the would be leader portrays the inhumane instead of humane actions, judgement and a lot more in a position of responsibility. Imagine a person in authority diverting drugs or funds for health services, funds for road construction, a corrupt road and transport inspector. No adequate health services to the citizens leads to death, improper road construction corrupt road inspectors lead to road accidents. You want to benefit as a leader but you are not looking at the suffering of the marginalised, hence the inhumane character leading to death.

The dog character in leadership is a true depiction of a character who gets into leadership and exhibits an inhumane character of greed, corruption and the like. The success of every society or community depends on the choice of its leaders. The objectives a candidate has in plan for his community when enthroned matter. Remember it is said, “A man is as good as his word.” It is easy to demand for what leaders have promised in their objectives, than when they haven’t. It is easy to understand that a potential leader has achievable or non achievable objectives during campaigns. It is easy to gauge the intelligence of a potential leader by the way they have organised themselves in public rallies.

However, the monetisation of politics has brought non intelligent players into the political scene. A candidate can come with cash. Instead of articulating their agenda before the electorate, they introduce themselves, their past history and a few words such as, ”I know your problems and I am going to solve them when given the mandate”, and the speech ends there. The aspect of money is then what people use as a determinant of the choice of a leader. “Organise yourselves, I have something for you to eat or relax with”, the candidate concludes. Ululation from the crowd depicts happiness. “No money ,no votes. No money, no votes”, everyone chants.

Why the play, “The dog that won an election”?

This play was inspired by elections that were held from Usuk county, my home constituency majorly and to a lesser extent what transpires all over the country during periods of elections. A lot that happened did not please many intelligent people, both from Katakwi, Teso and out of Teso subregion.

For so long, I felt not bothered until I heard a comment in a taxi that insulted my intellect and possibly all the wise people from Usuk and Teso. I felt hurt but had no choice. They talked about how people were beaten, intimidated, given cash and handouts, coercing them to vote for a particular candidate. They continued saying that, “If a dog with a basket of money hanging on it’s neck was sent to the people of Usuk as a candidate vying for a leadership position, they would gladly vote a leader of that kind into leadership. Once again, I felt insulted being one from Usuk and I decided to think like a dog getting into leadership.
My aim is to adopt this play or drama into animated film for the benefit of people from all undemocratic nations of this world.

Please,i kindly request that you offer me a honest review after reading.

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